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By the Emergency Exit…., 13 Sept

The great advantage of sitting by an emergency exit in economy class is that you get the wonderful extra legroom. The disadvantage is that you’re often bang next to the toilet cubicle, often situated near an emergency exit. Should anything happen to the plane whilst you’re in the toilet, you at least don’t have far to go to flee the plane….hopefully not in a tangle with your trousers round your ankles!

On my seven and a half hour flight from Heathrow to Toronto, I had plenty of time to observer the comings and goings by the toilet, I surprisingly found it quite intriguing! I frequently found myself cringing behind my book as I witnessed the toilet door dangerously bulging and straining outwards, as the person inside attempted to push it open, when it was simply supposed to be gently pulled inwards. And judging by the number of times the old ashtray on the toilet door was mistaken for a door handle, it would seem that time has moved on so much since the heyday of smoking on planes (oh it was fun!) that some people no longer know what an ashtray is.

But shifting away from the land of lavatory back to places of the present, I’m in Toronto and today has been truly perfect: the weather, the people, the place. It’s a wonderful city in which to begin my Big Adventure…..